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Teachers play a vital role in maximising the impact that these plays
have on young people.

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We understand that teachers already have a huge workload and so we have created a toolkit that makes it as easy as possible for you to deliver sessions, workshops, activities and lessons around the themes that both plays raise.

You will find a mixture of video content, drama and workshop ideas as well as suggestions for lessons that can be delivered to support the impact that the plays have. These are intended to be flexible and easy to use and deliver allowing you to deliver sessions appropriate to the age group you are teaching. Without follow-up activities the power of the plays can be reduced.

Exploring the themes and the questions and emotions that they raise can have a real and lasting effect on the young people and empower them to be in a position where they can make better choices.

You will find all of these resources via the teacher log in area, a password will have been sent to the school when the play was booked. If you need any help accessing the material, just drop us a line.

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Terriers and Terriers 2 – Eve’s story tour twice per year in Spring and Autumn.

We will be taking bookings for our Autumn 2019 Tour throughout August and September

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