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What do you do when you’re fifteen and live on an estate where you get street cred for being in a gang? What do you do when you’ve got the chance of a decent future but the pull of the gang is too strong? And what are you gonna do when one of the gang passes you a gun and tells you, honour is at stake; use the gun to show you’re one of us?

Terriers is a play which deals with these problems. Aldo is bright, witty, and a gifted sportsman. His family has high hopes for him, but he’s having a tough time trying to break away from his mates who want him to be in his local gang, The Terriers.

Not that he’s too scared to join, but they are involved in a tit for tat gang war with a crew just across the avenue called The DH Crew. Terriers explores the immense pressure Aldo, and boys like him, are under from gang mates and his girlfriend.

The play throws up the moral dilemmas and life changing decisions that some young boys and girls have to make. The show was originally commissioned by Merseyside Police in 2008 using partnership funding, and to date over 120,000 young people from secondary and primary schools across Merseyside and the U.K. have seen the play and studied the primary and secondary educational packages.

Written by Maurice Bessman and directed by Miriam Mussa, the show has been used by Merseyside Police as a way of reaching young people.

As well as touring secondary and primary schools across Merseyside we have also had partnerships in Croydon, Hampshire, Telford and Manchester

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